The Crisis of American (White) Evangelicalism (Day 1)

2021-01-22 2378 宋軍博士 , 莫陳詠恩博士 , Rev Dr Mark Labberton 蘇恩佩文化倫理講座

CGST Josephine So Culture and Ethics Lecture Week The Crisis of American (White) Evangelicalism - a historical, theological, cultural, and personal perspective Day 1 - The Start, the Complicity, the Tsunami, and Today the birth, original sin, development, growth, consumption, and betrayal of American (White) Evangelicalism Keynote Speaker: Rev Dr Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary Faculty Response : Dr Chan Wing Yan, Visiting Professor (Practical Studies) Faculty Response : Rev Dr Song Jun, Philip Teng Associate Professor (Theological Studies), Director of Chinese Culture Research Center