Ms Wance KWAN Philip Yeung Associate Professor (Practical Studies)

PDOT The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
專業文憑 香港理工大學
MA New York University
文學碩士 紐約大學
MCS China Graduate School of Theology
基督教研究碩士 中國神學研究院

Interaction between theological reflection and praxis

(Mission, Suffering, Disability)


Ms Wance Kwan is an Occupational Therapist by training. In the early 90’s, she responded to the calling to engage in cross-cultural rehabilitation education work and pursued further studies in New York in the area of pediatric rehabilitation.  She and her husband Dr. Chan Nim Chung joined the International Assistance Mission in 1993 and provided rehabilitation and medical education in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

On completion of their overseas assignments in 1999, they returned to Hong Kong and continued in their practice of integral mission. Ms Kwan pioneered the “No Barrier Worship” [無障礙敬拜] ministry for children with severe disabilities, a joint venture of her church (Western District Evangelical Church) and the Haven Of Hope Christian Service Sunnyside School. 

Ms Kwan started teaching in CGST as Adjunct Professor since 2008 and joined the faculty in 2012. Besides teaching as Associate Professor in Practical Studies, she continues with her ministry with children with special needs and their families. She believes that every Christian is a missionary disciple, and that mission praxis should go hand in hand with theological reflection and life transformation.  Years of connecting with people situated in war, poverty and disability has contributed to her insights towards life and faith in the context of suffering. Her writings narrate the work of God in these contexts, hoping to bring about spiritual renewal in the lives of believers.