Mr Edmond Lam Associate Professor (Counselling Studies)

BASW City University of Hong Kong
社會工作文學士 香港城市大學
MSMFT Fuller Theological Seminary
婚姻家庭治療社會科學碩士 美國福樂神學院
MAT Fuller Theological Seminary
神學文學碩士 美國福樂神學院









Edmond is committed to work in the helping profession starting from the Children and Youth Centre in early 80’s. He used to serve the families in the community with a vision for character building of the concerned youth. However, he realised that cognitive change does not necessarily lead to long lasting and thorough changes in their behaviour. The ultimate reality is that the distance from getting in touch with spirituality has thwarted the desire to connect with the Creator, which Edmond believes is the core problem of self-improvement and perfection.

In light of this, Edmond joined the Breakthrough evangelical movement in response to God’s calling in 1992. He served as a psychological counsellor to work with the clients’ emotional and relational issues. He learned that psychological health and spiritual growth worked hand in hand for wholistic care. He further equipped himself with marriage and family therapy together with theology in Fuller Theological Seminary in 1998.

Edmond has been coaching lay counsellors throughout the churches with supervision and seminars, putting emphasis on integration of psychological counselling and pastoral care. He collaborates yearly with the department of Theological Education by Extension in designing courses for caring ministry. Through mutual learning with pastors, lay and professional counsellors, he strives to perfect the quality of caring ministry for local churches.

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