A Theological Reflection on Singleness, Marriage, and the Family

Campus Evangelical Fellowship Press in Taipei
February 2022


Bernard Wong

S Y King Associate Professor (Theological Studies)


To understand the family correctly, we must use the theological lenses of creation, fall, salvation, and redemption. This book attempts to address the issues that the family faces today by understanding God’s purpose for instituting marriage and the family, as well as the destination that God will carry it toward. Starting from Genesis, through the experiences of Israel and the church until the eschaton, the book investigates the position of marriage and the family in God’s grand design. In this narrative, Jesus is the most important character, making the story complete. As Christians called into the God’s story, understanding this narrative teaches us how to choose and act concerning the matters of marriage and the family.

“This book first lays out the complex family issues in simple and intelligible terms using cultural critique, then offers answers to the issues by profoundly engaging with the Bible and theology. On the one hand it is faithful to the Scriptures, and on the other hand, deeply reflective and even revolutionary.”
Rev Dr Clement Mook-Soo Chia
Principal, Singapore Bible College

“This book offers the church deep analyses and engages with the traditional beliefs of the Chinese society. While not avoiding the difficult issues, it sheds light on how the church may pastor Christians based on the Bible, theology, and the concepts of vocation. It is indeed enlightening in the areas of ethics, culture, and psychology.”
Rev Dr John Tran
Senior Pastor, Evangelical Free Church of China Jachin Church


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