Adjunct Faculty

Visiting Professor

Rev Philip Yeung Biblical Studies
Dr Phee-seng Kang Theological Studies

Adjunct Professor

Mr Tim-tak Lam Marrige & Family Counseling (1)
Dr Wai-yee Ng Biblcal Theology: New Testament
Dr Wallace Louie Physical Setting of the Bible
Dr Derek Lee Biblical Electives: Exodus
Dr Gerald Lui Grief and Crisis Counselling; Practical Electives
Dr Kevin Cheng Doctrinal Theology(1), The Gospel and Chinese Culture
Dr  Harry Hui Practical Electives: Conflict Prevention and Resolution
Dr David W. Pao Biblical Electives: Lukan Writings
Rev Dr Brian Lam Theological Training Programs (Putunghua)
Mrs Bess Choi Theological Training Programs (Putunghua)
Rev Dr Jason Yeung Theological Training Programs (Putunghua)
Rev Dr Chien-kuo Lai Theological Training Programs (Putunghua)

Pastoral Ministry Placement Supervison

Rev Shing-tung Chan MDiv 91 CCC Yaumatei Kei To Church
Rev Philip Tang MDiv 86 CCC Cheung Sha Wan Kei To Church
Rev Chi-bun Chan MDiv 85 CCC Quarry Bay Church
Rev Chung-ching Choi MDiv 00 Hong Kong (Western) Swatow Baptist Church
Rev Mike Ng MDiv 03 Ngau Tau Kok Swatow Christian Church
Rev Franky Tong   Sha Tau Kok Pentecosta Holiness Church
Rev Ka-ho Wu   Kowloon Tong Church of CC & MA Yau Oi Church
Rev Brahms Ma MDiv 93 Kowloon Tong Church of CC & MA Hiu Lai Church
Rev Kang-ming Chu MDiv 93 Hong Kong Tsz Kwong Bethel Church
Rev Ka-fai Wong MDiv 01 C&MA Shatin Church
Rev Yiu-on Mak MDiv 02 C&MA Oi Man Church
Rev Dennis Ng MDiv 02 EFCC Spring Church
Rev Tat-wing Tang MDiv 93 CCC Kei Chun Church
Rev Man-yee Pang MDiv 98 C&MA Causeway Bay Church
Rev Kwok-leung Lee MDiv 94 C&MA Abundant Grace Church