US Board

Mr Kenneth Woo   (Chairman)
Dr Jackson Leung (Vice-Chairman and Promotion Committee Chair)
Mr Steven Ho   (Secretary)
Mr Tony Wong (Treasurer)
Dr Thomas Tse (Assistant Treasurer)
Mr Christopher Li (Planned Giving Committee Chair)
Mr Tony Yip (Assistant Director of Operations and Word of Life Ministry - US Coordinator)
Dr Kai Chan    
Dr Jason Chui    
Mr Edward Lai    
Pastor Jane Lam    
Dr Alan Lau    
Dr Ching C Lau  
Mr Dickie Lau  
Mr Andrew Lee    
Mr David Leung  
Ms Nancy Lo  
Rev Wallace Mang    
Mr Carson Mok  
Mr Gregory Ng  
Mr Peter Ng
Dr Jacqueline Pau
Dr Sidney Yuan


(Effective from January 1, 2019)