Chinese Culture Research Center

The Chinese Culture Research Center was established in 1995 to demonstrate our commitment to rooting and embodying the gospel in Chinese culture. The center aims to promote a deeper understanding of the Christian faith against the background of Chinese culture and in Mainland China's spiritual climate today. The Center's research focuses on directions in theology and missions in order to respond to various religious and ideological trends. Other focuses include promoting the gospel more effectively, and contributing to the development of Chinese culture.

The Center consists of academics and researchers in the fields of theology, philosophy, culture, history, aesthetics, sociology and ethics. It upholds the evangelical faith by conducting researches on Christianity and Chinese culture. Its four key objectives are: academic research, compilation and publication of teaching materials, Chinese translation of Christian classics, academic seminars and exchanges.

Director of Chinese Culture Research Center: Rev Dr Song Jun

Researcher: Rev Dr Luke Cheung, Dr Wing-Yan Chan Mok, Dr Xue Xiaxia, Dr Simon Cheung, Rev Dr Michael Chu, Dr Pan Yi Jung