(Updated on 11 Mar 2019)

CGST Library is now offering an abstract database of journal articles, Religious and Theological Abstracts, published by Religious and Theological Abstracts Inc. for you to use via the following ways:


1. Please click on: (Use on or off campus). If you use off-campus, please login by entering the barcode of your library card and database password.


2. Click on CGST home pageLibrary → Downloads & Links → Links → All E-Resource PlatformsReligious and Theological Abstracts.


3. Search this database via Union Catalogue.


This database provides objective summaries of scholarly journal articles related to Religion and Theology. It lists a wide variety of periodical literature, not only focusing on Christianity and Judaism, but also including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, other world religions and new religious movements. It provides abstracts of articles in English, Hebrew, and major European languages. It also provides indexes and abstracts articles in the fields of sociology, anthropology, criminology, demography, education, law and penology, race relations, social psychology, and urban studies.