CGST Library is now offering 16 e-journals of Religion, Philosophy & Theology Definitive Collection published by Taylor & Francis for you to use. Please click on each of the following hyperlinks to use (Use on or off campus). If you use off-campus, please login by entering the barcode of your library card and database password. You can also search via Union Catalogue.


(1)  Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies  - Its articles focus on the studies of political, security, economic, energy, cultural, educational and demographic linkages between Asia and the Middle Eastern/Islamic worlds.

(2)  Baptist Quarterly  - It engages Baptist heritage and history, not only encouraging readers to recall the past, but enabling them to reflect on Baptist life today

(3)  Black Theology : An International Journal  - It provides a forum for the expression of issues of faith among Black people across the world.

(4)  Critical Horizons : A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory  - It publishes articles from critical theorists working in social and political philosophy, aesthetics, spatial and urban theory, anthropology, history of ideas, film and art theory, gender studies, comparative literature, social and critical theory.

(5)  Journal for the Study of Spirituality  - It concerns with what spirituality means, and how it is expressed, in individuals’ lives and communities and in professional practice settings; and with the impact and implications of spirituality in, and on, social policy, organizational practices and personal and professional development.

(6)  Journal of Early Christian History  - It includes scholarly research of early Christian, Byzantine, Old Testament and Septuagint, New Testament, patristics and late ancient studies.

(7)  Journal of Pastoral Theology  - It maintains a view of pastoral theology as a constructive theology that emerges from the exercise of caring relationships, with attention both to present lived experience and to knowledge derived from the past.

(8)  Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association  - It aims to have scholarly research in Pentecostal and Charismatic studies through the study of theology, Pentecostal and charismatic education, Pentecostal history, charismatic history and missiology.

(9)  Medieval Mystical Theology  - It includes the influence of Neo-Platonism, Aristotelianism, Patristics, Judaism and Islam on Christian medieval mystical theology, comparisons between medieval mystical theology and other traditions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism.

(10)  Medieval Sermon Studies  - Its articles focus on sermon studies and related areas, reviews and sermon transcriptions.

(11)  Political Theology  - Its disciplines of research include theology, religious studies, politics, philosophy, ethics, cultural studies, social theory, and economics.

(12)  Practical Theology  - Its subjects of research include counselling, social work, psychology, sociology, ethics, as well as pastoral and practical theology.

(13)  Reformation  - It includes topics of theology and biblical scholarship, church history and religious matters, such as Protestant, Catholic or radical, English and Continental literature, social, political and intellectual history, early modern Catholic history, Renaissance humanism, art history and architecture and music.

(14)  Reformation & Renaissance Review  - It publishes research articles on any aspect of religious thought and life, Catholic reformation, theology and culture, from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.

(15)  Rural Theology : International, Ecumenical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives  - It promotes theological reflection on matters of rural concern, enhances the ministry and mission of rural churches, and brings rural issues to the forefront of church and government agenda.

(16)  Theology & Sexuality  - It includes theological constructions of sex and gender, marriage, models of the family, deconstructive and reconstructive approaches to traditional Christian (and other traditions) teaching on sexuality, sexuality and violence and oppression, and the ethics of personal relationships.